Device Mentor

One company, multiple devices – but no overview in sight?

With an efficient device management, you can avoid a variety of problems. In addition to enhancing IT security, you can also improve work efficiency, and your employees will have more fun using functioning devices rather than relying on IT support. Moreover, with a well-functioning device management, you can save costs that would otherwise have been incurred for manual work and increased support.

As part of our Device Mentor program, we work with you to develop and implement a centralized control and configuration for all endpoint devices in your company. This streamlines management and enforcement of policies you set, resulting in better protection for your employees and your company's data. Furthermore, this also leads to greater uniformity in your company's computers, which simplifies onboarding for new colleagues and makes troubleshooting easier for your IT team in case of any issues.

Sounds like a plan you'd like to explore?

Then let's get started. Here's what needs to be done:


Your current landscape

"The clearest way to see the road ahead is to look back." - Samuel Butler

Or in other words, we must first understand your current environment before we can shape the future with you. To do this, we seek answers to questions such as:

  • Have you already established standards in the past? Which ones?
  • Which devices are currently in use in your company?
  • What are these devices used for and how?
  • What software do you use, and who has the licenses?
  • Which languages do we need to consider?


Your future environment

Let's get visionary! Together with you, we will design the target environment, and for this, we also need to answer some questions:


    li>What do you hope to achieve with the future environment?
  • What (security) policies make sense for you and your company?
  • How do you want to equip new employees with devices in the future?
  • How do you handle devices of employees who leave your company?


Software Catalog

An essential component of Client Device Management is software distribution. This eliminates the need for manual installation of software and updates on each device. Instead, they get packaged once for your company, and everything is pre-configured to meet your preferences and requirements. To create a suitable foundation for you, we need to ask a few questions:

  • What software is used by you and your employees?
  • How often is the software in your catalog updated?
  • Do you have any specialized software, such as for controlling specific machines?
  • Which of your employees are authorized to use which software?
  • Have you established processes for requesting additional software or uninstalling software that is no longer needed?


Central Management & Configuration of Devices

Finish line in sight, we now have all the necessary information at hand to get started on the implementation of a central solution that enables you to keep an eye on your IT devices. Once this is done, we can finally start using the solution. From then on, you can centrally:

  • Set, monitor, and modify settings.
  • Package, install, and update software
  • .

  • See which software versions are being used.
  • Quickly determine which devices are in use and for how long.
  • Erase data in case of loss, preventing it from falling into the wrong hands.


Documentation & Maintenance

Going the extra mile, to ensure that your environment always runs securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively, keeping your environment up-to-date is crucial. We want to keep you through the quality of our work, not the clauses of our contracts, so we make sure that all steps are properly documented. This ensures that even the latest updates land on your devices, and with a little IT know-how, anyone can pick up where we left off. So, you have the choice of whether we should:

  • hand everything over to your IT colleagues after documenting our work or
  • take over operations and continuous development for you.

When can we start?

Feel free to get in touch for a quick introduction!