Cloud-Migration at a fixed price from 499€

Move to the AWS cloud seamlessly and quickly – without price surprises.

If you are just starting your digital transformation and are new to the cloud universe, we are happy to support you from the very beginning. Find out everything you need to know.

You've already taken the first steps into the cloud and your servers are ready for migration? Then secure our fixed-price offer starting at just 499€ per server for the best migration advice. This way, your cloud upgrade succeeds without hidden costs. With our experts by your side, you'll experience a seamless migration into a secure, efficient, and reliable IT environment.

Transparency, cost certainty and reliability are your top priorities? With Cloudflake you benefit from

    • better planning for your transformation project
    • a seamless move of your servers to the cloud
    • advice on equal footing from experienced IT experts

Does a fixed price really mean no surprises?

Here is the translation: With us, there is no fine print – instead, we prioritize transparency: The fixed-price offer applies to all rehosting projects, and the price depends on the scope of your existing IT architecture. If your setup is cloud-ready, we take on the hard part of the work and move your applications to the cloud. The price we determine together is fixed. Additionally, the scope is clearly defined for you and covers all aspects of your migration project: We accompany you from start to finish. While you advance your core business, we ensure an efficient migration.

Your path to the cloud: in good hands right from the start

If you choose Cloudflake as your migration partner, you can expect an efficient transformation process and peacful nights.


Step 1: Health Check of Your IT Environment

First, we analyze your existing infrastructure and get to know your team and systems better. We assess whether your IT environment is qualified for the cloud. This way, we identify potential change obstacles and ensure that everything continues to run seamlessly after the migration.



Step 2: Master Plan for the Migration

Together with you, we develop a customized roadmap for the migration. This master plan prioritizes your needs. The goal: to avoid operational disruptions and ensure security.



Step 3: Migration of Your IT Landscape

Your contacts at Cloudflake migrate your applications and servers smoothly and efficiently to the new, stable cloud environment – you can count on the highest precision and continuous tracking throughout the process.



Step 4: Handover of Documentation and Insights

In the final step, you receive detailed documentation of your new system architecture and key insights from the process. This allows your team to continue working seamlessly, manage the new cloud resources efficiently, and perform maintenance as needed.


Getting started in the cloud with security and expert knowledge

Without planning and expertise, cloud projects can mutate into a complex mammoth task. Because migration entails more than just relocating your systems: you must adapt them to the new environment while ensuring compliance and availability.

To ensure your success efficiently, our experts share their experience with you. Whether you want to enhance, redesign, or develop new applications – with our personalized consultation, we streamline your migration project so you stay within budget.

Migrate without worries and without cost shosk - with Cloudflake

With Cloudflake, you can count on us: Consult with us without obligation and receive transparent information that you need for your budget calculations. This ensures there are no surprises in your budget planning.

FAQ on fixed-price migration

Is your fixed-price offer suitable for me?

Our fixed-price offer is aimed at all companies that have already laid the groundwork for cloud migration. This means you have already found a cloud provider and ensured that your systems are cloud-compatible. Additionally, your applications should be able to migrate without architectural adjustments. We will verify this before your journey to the cloud begins. Not sure if your IT infrastructure is ready yet? We are happy to advise you and find the best solution for your digital transformation.

What services can I expect from you at a fixed price?

Before we migrate your applications to the cloud, we meticulously check if all prerequisites for seamless rehosting are met and provide you with a transparent fixed-price offer. This includes the assessment of your IT environment, migration planning, execution of the migration, and documentation. Throughout the process, you will have a dedicated contact person available for any questions. We remain available to support you even after the migration, should your team have any inquiries.

What if there are problems during the migration?

The advantage of rehosting projects is that existing IT environments can be transferred to the cloud 1:1. The prerequisite is that they are qualified for this transition. In preliminary discussions and as part of our health check, we ensure that your systems are ready. If adjustments are necessary before migration, we will work together with you to find a solution during this phase.

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