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You want to focus on your business instead of worrying about your IT infrastructure. That's why we offer comprehensive AWS consulting to optimize your IT systems and workloads. Count on us as your partner, your IT is in good hands.

Businesses looking to optimize their IT infrastructure can benefit greatly from the cloud. Compared to traditional on-premises data centers, the cloud offers numerous advantages that can help take your business to the next level. The most important ones are:

The cloud allows you to pay only for the resources you actually use. This means you can lower your IT costs and at the same time benefit from a high-performance infrastructure.

Cloud platforms like AWS provide a secure and protected environment that is secured by a variety of security controls and policies.

The cloud offers a variety of tools and services that allow you to tailor your applications to your specific business requirements.

The cloud allows you to dynamically adjust your resources to meet changing business requirements. This enables you to quickly respond to changes and increase or decrease your capacity.

As AWS experts, our Cloudflakes help you get the most out of AWS. We offer comprehensive consulting services to assist with your AWS migration, cost optimization, and architecture review. Or more precisely:

We assist you in migrating your on-premises IT infrastructure to a new AWS cloud environment. Our AWS experts develop customized migration strategies and ensure a seamless and secure transfer of your workloads.

Shift to Cloud!

We run a thorough analysis of your AWS costs and identify areas where you can save money. We provide recommendations for optimizing your workloads and improving your cost structure.

Pay less, but how?

We conduct a comprehensive review of your cloud architecture and identify areas where there is potential for optimization. We provide recommendations on how to implement AWS best practices in your context and help minimize your risks.

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